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Meet Your Hosts

Mascots and More

A stay at Timber Ridge Lodge & Waterpark is more than meets the eye. With our five amazing hosts to help make your stay Timberiffic, the good times are guaranteed! Learn more about who they are and how they intend to make your next trip to Timber Ridge on to remember.

Bruce the Moose

Bruce the Moose is the official host of Moose Mountain Falls. Bruce is a water-lovin' animal who rides the slides every chance he gets! That lazy river giant is a sweet and lovable moose who's just looking for fun - and maybe a snack or two at his favorite Hungry Moose Food Court.

waterpark HUNGRY MOOSE

Chelsea Chipmunk

Chelsea Chipmunk loves to play, watch movies and eat—especially chocolate. She’s just like you, and she’s always up for a good time. While you’re at Timber Ridge Lodge, be sure to stop into her favorite place: The Chelsea Chipmunk Cinema and Activity Center. With all the crafts, activities and movies you could want, it might just become your favorite place too.

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Trader Jack

Trader Jack is caretaker of all the Timber Ridge treasures, traveling the world to find rare and wonderful things that kids will love. But he always comes home to Timber Ridge Lodge because friends like you are the most important things in the world to him. He’s a friendly guy, but once in a while he gets a little ornery. Heck – you would be too if you had to watch over and take care of all the worldly goods he’s discovered.

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Smokey, our camp cook, is a big guy with a powerful hunger. That’s what happens when you spend your days chopping down trees and clearing out forests. Smokey got big and strong by eating plenty of his own cooking, and so should you if you want to be big and strong, too. There’s nothing Smokey loves more than fixing up some grub for his friends.

Dig In
Smokey's Diner

Crazy Coyote

Crazy Coyote is the heavyweight champion of the Timber Ridge Lodge Game Arcade. This guy’s one fun-lovin’, crazy dude. And you would be, too if you played games from morning to night every day of the week! Crazy Coyote’s played for so long that he knows how to win almost every time.

Arcade Fun
Crazy Coyote's Arcade
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