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Mini Golf Wisconsin

Massive Fun

Steps outside on the waterpark's patio lies an 18-hole mini golf course built for fun, laughs, and plenty of putt-putt for all. The Bruce, named after our championship course: The Brute, and Chelsea’s Chip Shot offer exciting twists and turns for a game of fun for everyone. Once you make your way through The Bruce, finish off the last nine holes at Chelsea's Chip Shot to conquer the course.

When your fingers start to get pruney, slip out of the pool and onto our mini golf course. The whole course takes just long enough for you to dry off and get back in the water. Or you can go for another round!


With your ball and club in hand, weave your way below Chelsea’s Cabin, under Bruce’s firetruck, and through the fireplace. Think you’re ready for the final shot? Sink the golf ball into the Skee-Ball shoot for an epic hole-in-one, and just like that, you’re the master of the course!

  • 9 holes
  • 2 paths per hole (The Bruce or Chelsea's Chipshot)
  • $4 per person for 9 holes or $8 per person for 18 holes
  • Course is open for Resort guests only
Mini Golfing Mascot
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