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Best Wisconsin Indoor Waterpark

A Fun Family Waterpark Resort

Climbing. Swimming. Going fast. The occasional run in with a moose. All in a day's play at Moose Mountain Falls: Timber Ridge Lodge's 50,000 square-foot indoor/outdoor water park in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

At a balmy 86 degrees, our 35-foot-high slides take you on an epic 300-foot adventure of twists and turns, which finally comes to an end in a heated pool*. For a tamer ride, The Lazy River drifts more than 500 calm, relaxing feet. 

When you stay at Timber Ridge Lodge, receive four free water park passes with a one-bedroom suite, and six passes with a two-bedroom suite. So go ahead, get soaked. (Ages 12 months and up are required to have a waterpark pass to enter the waterpark)

New Cabanas

We've got a cabana waiting for you. Enjoy a secluded space, comfy chairs and it's yours for a half or full-day rental. $80 full day rental or half-day rental starting at 3pm for $40.

Call (262) 249-3400 ext 4 to reserve your cabana today! 

Waterpark Hours

Moose Mountain Falls Waterpark Hours of Operation vary daily, current hours are: Monday-Thursday 10am-8pm, Fridays 10am-9:30pm, Saturdays 9am-9:30pm and Sundays 9am-8pm. Hours are subject to change. Please call ahead to confirm for specific dates (262) 249-3400.

Outdoor pools are open seasonally from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Guests of Timber Ridge have full access to Timber Ridge pools as well as adults have access to the indoor lap pool at the WELL Spa, but guest access does not include access to the Grand Geneva indoor/outdoor pools.

Water Park Tour

Tiny Timbers indoor water park

Tiny Timbers

This safe area keeps the little ones out of harm's way while giving them plenty to do. Swings, slides, spouts and a playful new water table--perfect for getting kids adjusted to water at any age.

indoor water park Activity Pool

Activity Pool

Great for kids 7-10, the activity pool is all about movement. See if your youngster can make it across the rope climb or make a basket in the water basketball court. The section also features age-appropriate slides.

Canyon River - Lazy River water park

Canyon River

The Canyon River isn't in a hurry--you shouldn't be either. Amble along the relaxing, lazy river in single or double tubes: a great way for families to tour the waterpark together!

Timber Rapids water park

Timber Rapids & Avalanche Falls

Warning! Only the brave are allowed to test their courage on the fastest, wildest, rides at our waterpark*. Perched 30 feet above Moose Mountain Falls Waterpark, Timber Rapids (green slide) sends you flying down current on either a single or double tube, while Avalanche Falls (yellow slide) gets you jamming out to tunes while swooshing by colored lights for a fun, concert-like experience. Fun song themes include kids movie songs, pop paradise, country waves, rockin rapids, and favorite tunes from Timber Ridge’s mascot, Bruce the Moose. Avalanche Falls is only the second slide of its kind in the country! *Must be 48" or taller to ride slide without an adult.

Indoor/Outdoor Hot Tub

Hot Tub

One of the most popular ways to relax! Moose Mountain Falls Waterpark has an indoor/outdoor tub; crossover freely between the two sides all year--yes, even in the winter! Plus two more hot tubs, one completely indoor and one completely outdoor. Take your pick for the perfect way to relax! **Wisconsin state law prohibits any children under the age of six to enter the hot tub area due to possible respiratory health risk


Safety Certified

Because safety is our first priority at Timber Ridge Lodge, we are proud of our partnership with the American Red Cross. We want to provide the safest environment possible for our guests. In fact, we want to be so well-trained that we are certified to train others. Our commitment to helping build a healthier, safer community is now supported by the American Red Cross, which is an authorized training provider, who will help us reach even more people with Lifeguard Training.

Timber Ridge, as an American Red Cross authorized provider, is leveraging more than 90 years of lifesaving expertise with a brand that is trusted and recognized as the premier health and safety training organization. Red Cross training incorporates standards of care and lifeguards are trained in patron rescue and surveillance, first aid and CPR/AED.

Thanks to training provided by The American Red Cross, our guests can be rest assured that they will be safe and have fun when they come to Timber Ridge Lodge & Waterpark at Grand Geneva. If you have any questions regarding The American Red Cross program, please ask to speak to a supervisor.

Red Cross Lifeguarding

Dress Code

To ensure enjoyment of the waterpark by all of our guests, and for safety reasons, Timber Ridge Lodge has implemented the following dress code for guests using the waterpark. Failure to comply with any part of the dress code may result in ejection from the waterpark without refund. The following rules apply to all guests regardless of age, sex, religion, race, or color:

  • All swimwear should be tasteful and keeping with the family-friendly environment of the waterpark.
  • Guests must wear appropriate “public” clothing. For example, no bath robes, lingerie, indoor slippers, or costumes of any kind are permitted.
  • Guests may not wear clothing or swimwear that is too revealing of one’s body. Examples may include swim briefs, G-strings, thongs, and transparent or mesh-style material.
  • Guests may not wear cut-off jeans, denim shorts, long pants, shoes, hats, glasses, or jewelry that may pose a hazard to the rider (for example, large hoop earrings, long necklaces, or bulky rings) on any water slide.
  • Children in diapers and those being toilet trained must wear approved swim pants or swim diapers in the water.
  • Guests may not display any vulgar or offensive tattoos or statements or artwork on clothing or swimwear. Examples include curse words, depictions of sexual acts or nudity, depictions or messages of violence, and racially or religiously hateful material.

If your clothing or swimwear does not comply with these rules, appropriate attire is available for purchase at our gift store. 

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